Degerhellas Ltd is the exclusive distributor of Degerenergie products in Greece and Cyprus. The company’s goal beyond the support of the leading tracking materials is to provide technology and knowledge-intensive services in the fields of saving and green energy production.

Advantage DEGER

Efficiency with intelligent tracking

Automatic reset to sunrise position overnight

Up to 45 % higher yield with MLD technology

Protected from wind, automatic systems move the array to safety in the event of a storm

Fast and simple plug-and-play installation and easy handling

Premium product from the global market leader for sensor based tracking systems

Robust durable technology

Low energy consumption

New Product AUTOCCB

Some of the DEGER trackers installed in your PV parks operate using the Energy Converter 5 (EK-V). Thus, with the contribution of EK-V, the solar panels are immobilized to the west. When the night falls, the solar panels stay at west position and as soon as sunrise and sunshine appear, they are driven to the east until they reach the position with maximum sunshine. Fifteen (15) minutes of valuable energy production are getting lost each day of the year.

Single Axis Trackers

The S-series single axis trackers help us achieve an average increase of up to 35% in our overall efficiency, always in comparison with the fixed base photovoltaics, while at the same time they excel at ease of installation and use.

Many investors choose to upgrade their solar installations and replace the fixed base photovoltaics with the S100-SR single-axis solar tracking systems. These trackers, among their many advantages and their affordable price, are specially designed to maximize the performance of bifacial photovoltaic panels.

You can see below the Single Axis Trackers

Dual Axis Trackers

The D series dual axis trackers help us achieve an impressive increase of up to 45% in our overall performance, while they are particularly praised for their resistance to high wind loads.

The critical surplus of energy produced stands as an ideal guarantee for an energy installation that wants to turn every reflection of light into an additional energy benefit and significantly improve profits.

These tracking systems are being favoured by many owners of electric vehicle charging stations worldwide. They constitute the ideal choice for all of those who wish to convert solar energy into the most reliable “fuel” for their car.

You can see below the Dual Axis Trackers

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