MSS Autonomous PV Systems

Maximum Solar Storage

MSS (Maximum Solar Storage) – the ideal solution for self supply and home or business consumption

Prewired energy management system connected with batteries and Photovoltaic panels

Deger Pv systems come with integrated MLD technology, which means a surplus of annual yield 45% , better battery usage and significant lifetime growth

Toptracker 8.5 (2-6 pv panels) is suitable for small size installations and tracker 3000 NT is preferred for the larger ones.

All settings, automations and the exclusive warranty of DEGERHellas are included.

About (M)aximum (S)olar (S)torage autonomous PV systems

DEGERhellas has the most reliable solution for all of you who want to gain your indepedence from the public power grid at your home or your business enviroment.and rely on self supply and self consumption.

Imagine some small, decentralized solar energy production units, energystorage devices and a battery management system can help people to become independent from the public power grid and constantly rising electricity prices.

Self-consumption is paying off . That’ s a fact. The concept of decentralized solar power units for private houses, apartments or whole companies has previously failed due to the issue of storing the generated energy. Also, the unbalanced load profile of fixed PV installations opposes the targeted ideal of using the generated energy immediately. Both problems can be elegantly solved by using PV tracking systems. For both efficient storage and immediate consumption, a balanced load profile is necessary – in other words: a constant production of solar energy all day long.

Fixed photovoltaic systems reach their production peak around midday but produce relatively little energy before and after. This means: In the morning and in the evening, when an average household needs a lot of electricity, fixed systems usually do not provide enough energy. This is different with tracking systems such as the Maximum Light Detection (MLD) tracking systems from Deger. They usually provide enough solar energy for direct consumption even during peak times of day.

The MLD Principle is based on the accurate tracking movement of solar modules to the most energy rich positions, due to the patented control module. It continually measures the intensity and angle of incident light beams and, based on these measured values, constantly realigns the system’s solar modules according to the current light conditions. This enables modules to generate energy from diffuse light which penetrates through clouds or reflects off water and snow surfaces. On average, this process generates a surplus yield of 45% compared to fixed solar modules.

MSS Αυτόνομα Συστήματα

Tracking systems provide more energy in the morning and evening than fixed systems can deliver and also require less battery capacity, which significantly increases the life span of the electricity storage devices.

The second significant factor when using a self-supply solar PV system is the electricity storage devices. They supply the consumer with energy even when the PV modules are not generating enough electricity or are generating no electricity at all.

They also appoint to a better battery usage. When we speak about storage, tracking systems have one decisive advantage. The batteries used as energy buffers can be recharged much more sparingly with a constant input than with the short, high voltage peaks, which are typical for fixed systems.The system thus requires less battery capacity – which significantly increases the life span of the electricity storage devices. As a rule of thumb, MLD tracking saves about 30% of battery capacity.

In addition, the effect already described applies – when the sun is in the sky – which, by the way, also applies for days with an overcast sky – tracking systems generally supply enough energy for direct consumption. So the batteries are not used during these times. This also has a positive effect on the profitability of the whole system.

Sensible use of excess energy is also a key factor for Maximum Solar Storage (MSS) systems.The battery management system enables the user to control the self-supply system according to individual requirements. First, the solar energy that is not used directly is routed into the electricity storage devices. When the batteries are full, the excess energy can be fed into the power grid or used for another purpose – e.g. for the treatment of wastewater or to power a heating system. This is also controlled by an excess manager in the control cabinet according to the demand or the user’s priorities.

Assuming that there generally still is a connection to the public power grid, the battery management system can be set in such a way that the batteries are only discharged by a maximum of 50%. Once this minimal value has been reached and there is no directly-produced solar energy available, the system automatically obtains electricity from the power grid. The battery buffer can be set higher or lower. The 50% mark makes sense, considering that during power cuts the system should provide the household or the company with electricity even when solar energy is not directly available. (

Of course you can always go with the alternative option of selecting a MSS autonomous system with fixed PV bases

Maximum Solar Storage Autonomous Systems

The ideal solution for energy autonomy in homes and businesses

The autonomous kits of DEGERhellas include inverters tasked with coverting high-voltage alternating current (AC) to a fixed direct current (DC). Additionaly they function as the brains of autonomous Pv systems, noiseless like a desktop PC, during their 30 year old lifetime.

Let’s see below some of their many advantages :

MSS Choice

Υou can choose a Mss autonomous system between four (4) main versions:

All autonomous kits come to you prewired and set up with custom settings that suit and service the needs of your space at it’s best. The whole equipment is covered by the exclusive warranty of DEGERhellas.

If you are interested in any of our autonomous systems, we recommend you to fulfill the questionnaire below and send it by email or fax to DEGERhellas

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