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It is well known that the efficiency of the solar installations is being affected by shadows. These shadows may occur due to the existence of trees or buildings around the PV Plant or because of other trackers. Especially in the morning and late afternoon, these shadows grow bigger, so that the efficiency of the whole PV Plant is being decreased.

At this crucial point, a new technology comes to bring the solution! The backtracking technology drives the tracker in the position where there is no shadow and by using the MLD sensor we can achieve the highest power!

DegerHellas designs and manufactures the Solarbrain for HSAT (Horizontal Single Axis Trackers), a device which is connected with the solar park and by using backtracking algorithm determines the optimized tilt of the tracker in order to achieve the maximum efficiency. Moreover, each of the 1axis tracker is not casting any shadow to the neighbor tracker (in west or east) at any time! In addition, you can choose the accurate position of your tracker by doing the settings on your own!

 Also bear in mind that Solarbrain as an IoT device, is capable of getting all its menu updates and new functionalities automatically.

Looking at the screens of the Solar Brain software will become your new daily habit, as hard to resist as checking your email every day.

οθόνη solar Brain αέρινο

In this section, we view the daily backtracking angle along with the position of all our nodes throughout the day. The Backtracking algorithm takes control of the solar trackers from sunrise to early in the morning andfrom afternoon until sunset. The purpose of the backtracking algorithm is to place each tracker at a specific angle. This happens to eliminate the shadows, which are caused by adjacent trackers when the elevation angle of the sun is low (sunrise and sunset).

By making use of the subscription services, then the software and informative screens of Solar Brain, through online connection, become immediately available on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Then you can have control of your solar installation by gaining  access and then intervene with the Trackers, if it is estimated as necessary.

To summarize in simple words, with Solar Brain you achieve maximum energy efficiency and you can significantly increase your profits, as well as save time and material resources from pointless technical on-site inspections. All these things happen while you can now monitor if your solar tracking installation is working properly from the ease of your home or work facility!!!

If you require any further information about Solar Brain, after reading the attached below manual, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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