New Product: ΑUTOCCB


Some of the DEGER trackers installed in your PV parks operate using the Energy Converter 5 (EK-V). Thus, with the contribution of EK-V, the solar panels are immobilized to the west. When the night falls, the solar panels stay at west position and as soon as sunrise and sunshine appear, they are driven to the east until they reach the position with maximum sunshine. Fifteen (15) minutes of valuable energy production are getting lost each day of the year. These are added to the required time for solar panels finding the brightest point of sky , during which no current is generated that otherwise would be produced if it had already been oriented.


AUTOCCB is a new functional product designed by DEGER in order to eliminate this predescribed waste time and give a boost to your total energy yield. During the night, as soon as the solar panels come into operation, they move to the east so as to become ready for the first minute of the sunlight and produce a desirable energy result. The extra time given by AUTOCCB helps you to you gain a remarkable increase in your energy production of about 3%.

diagram (1) : Daily energy production without using AUTOCCB (13-4-2017)

diagram (1) : Daily energy production using AUTOCCB-E (13-4-2018)

As it seems from the relevant diagrams (1) & (2), all 3 trackers of the same PV plant, using the AUTOCCB-E, start monitoring the sunlight together.

Another important function executed by AUTOCCB is the securing of the solar panels during a power failure. This is done by adding to it a phase/voltage control relay that gives a safe (horizontal) position command, so that it does not become vulnerable to possible winds. A UPS should exist in the solar installation as prerequisite for the implementation of this function.

The AutoCCB comes in 3 different types, distinguished according to the functions they can perform:

In the following table, you can briefly review the scheduled functions, along with the features and distinctions of each type of AUTOCCB.

The prices for each type of AUTOCCB are listed below:

This product is made of long-lasting materials, achieving, thus far, remarkable durability through time.

For more info, contact DEGERHellas or your installers.

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